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 Season Three Episode Guide

1. We Have a Lot To Talk About (September 17, 1995)
Lois reveals to Clark that she's figured out his secret and tells him that she's really mad that he didn't tell her before. She rejects Clark's proposal and they end up in an argument, which Ma and Pa Kent help them to straighten out. They decide to wait to get married. Meanwhile, a reformed Bill Church, Sr. is back and has married his young nurse Mindy. Bill's son, Bill Jr., and Mindy want power and control over Intergang, so they frame Bill Sr. and get him arrested. But Bill Jr. gets arrested too and Mindy becomes the leader of Intergang. View Trailer

2. Ordinary People (September 24, 1995)
Perry sends Lois and Clark to an island resort, but their romantic getaway ends up being a trap set by paraplegic madman, Spencer Spencer, who finds out that Clark is Superman and uses kryptonite to trap him. View Trailer

3. Contact (October 1, 1995)
Lois believes she was abducted by aliens, but she is actually having flashbacks of an alien abduction triggered by millionaire computer tycoon Bob Fences. Fences has hypnotized Lois, causing her to put herself in danger so that Superman will be too busy saving Lois to stop Fences from committing crimes. Clark is concerned that Lois may be in danger because she is so closely linked with Superman. View Trailer

4. When Irish Eyes Are Killing (October 15, 1995)
Lois uses an old Irish boyfriend to make Clark jealous. Trouble is that her old flame plans to use Lois a Druid sacrifice. Superman manages to save Lois just in time. Lois and Clark continue to struggle with their relationship. View Trailer

5. Just Say Noah (October 22, 1995)
When happy couples start disappearing, Lois and Clark go undercover for couples therapy to investigate the Larry Smiley Institute. They uncover Smiley's plans to flood the earth. Smiley thinks he's Noah and he's built an ark to save those he deems worthy.

6. Don't Tug On Superman's Cape (November 5, 1995)
One of the wealthiest couples in Metropolis (Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis) decide the need to add Superman to their collection of treasures. They kidnap Lois in order to trap Superman. Lois and Clark have dreams of what it would be like to be married. Their dreams are parodies of "I Love Lucy", "Dragnet", and "James Bond". View Trailer

7. Ultra Woman (November 12, 1995)
The Newtrich sisters plan to shoot Superman with a beam of red kryptonite to make him apathetic so that he won't try to stop them when they rob an armored car. But, when it looks like the beam will hit Lois, Superman jumps in front of her, the beam hits him and transfers his powers to Lois. With the help of Jonathan and Martha, Lois takes on the identity of Ultra Woman. Together, Lois and Clark defeat the Newtrich sisters. Lois discovers that she loves Clark more than ever and she proposes to him.
View Trailer

8. Chip Off The Old Clark (November 19, 1995)
A woman shows up claiming to have had Superman's love child. Clark denies this to Lois, but the child does have super powers. Turns out that some of Superman's powers were transferred to the boy when Superman was struck by lightening saving the plane the boy and his mother were flying on. View Trailer

9. Super Mann (November 26, 1995)
Lois and Clark have to put their wedding plans on hold to investigate a Nazi organization that is trying to take over Metropolis. View Trailer

10. Virtually Destroyed (December 10, 1995)
Lex Luthor's illegitimate son, Jaxon Xavier, sends Lois and Clark into a world of virtual reality. He lets Clark out, but traps Lois in the virtual world because he thinks she has the password to Lex's computer files. Superman, with Jimmy's help, is able to get back into the virtual world and get Lois out, while Xavier ends up trapped inside the simulation.

11. Home Is Where The Hurt Is (December 17, 1995)
Lois's divorced parents unknowingly decide to come to Metropolis to visit her for Christmas at the same time. This makes things stressful enough, but then Clark's parents show up as well. Meanwhile, Mindy Church wants to be rid of Superman, so she infects him with a Kryptonian virus. View Trailer

12. Never On Sunday (January 7, 1996)
Lois's mom hires a wedding planner for Lois and Clark's much for a small ceremony. Meanwhile, a magician is using the power of voodoo kill people using their worst fears. Now he's going after Clark causing him to have nightmares of being in an enclosed space. This causes Clark to have panic attacks, which Lois believes are brought on by a fear of marriage.

13. The Dad Who Came In From The Cold (January 14, 1996)
Lois and Clark's articles on the NIA have made them NIA targets. Jimmy learns that his father, Jack, is an NIA spy when Jack comes to Metropolis to spy on Lois and Clark. Clark is concerned about whether he will be a good father. View Trailer

14. Tempus Anyone? (January 21, 1996)
Tempus builds a new time machine. He then kidnaps Lois and drops her in an alternate reality where she died in 1993, there is no Superman because Clark's parents died when he was young, and Clark is engaged to Lana Lana (Emily Proctor), his old girlfriend from Smallville. Lois convinces this dimension's Clark to take on the identity of Superman to stop Tempus from becoming mayor of Metropolis.

15. I Now Pronounce You... (February 11, 1996)
Lois and Clark prepare for their wedding day, but everything seems to be going wrong...thanks to Lex Luthor of course. Lex hires Dr. Mamba (Tony Curtis) to create a clone of the President of the United States. Once the President has been replaced with the clone, Lex is pardoned. Meanwhile, Perry serves as minister, and Clark gets Lois's clone. Lois has been kidnapped by Lex Luthor, who is still in love with her.

16. Double Jeopardy (February 18, 1996)
Lois's clone doesn't show much interest in Clark, until he shows her that he's Superman. Then she decides she wants to be with Clark, even if it means killing Lois. Lois manages to escape from Lex, but she hits her head and loses her memory in the process. Now she thinks she is Wanda Detroit, a character in a novel that Lois wrote 2 years prior. Wanda is a lounge singer who had a bad relationship with a man named Clark and is in love with a man named Kent. Meanwhile, Clark realizes that the woman he is married to is not the real Lois and foolishly agrees to team up with Lex to find the real Lois. Lex finds Lois first and convinces her that he is Kent and gets her to tell Clark that she doesn't love him anymore.

17. Seconds (February 25, 1996)
With the help of the clone, Clark tries to find Lois. Lois, who still believes that she is Wanda Detroit and Lex is Kent, goes on a crime spree with Lex to get the things they will need to transfer their souls into new bodies, so that they will no longer be chased by Clark or Superman. Lex tricks the clone into telling him Superman's secret identity by telling her that he can increase her life span. When the clone figures out that she's been tricked, she agrees to help Superman take down Luthor. Lex kidnaps Martha, buys a powerful weapon and tells Lois to shoot Superman with it, but she can't and ends up causing Luthor's hideout to collapse with Lex and the clone inside. Superman saves Lois and his mother. Lois hits her head again and now remembers that she is Lois Lane, but doesn't remember anything else. View Trailer

18. Forget Me Not (March 10, 1996)
Lois is being treated for her memory loss at the Metropolis Neuroscience Center. While in the clinic, she's under the care of Dr. Max Deter, who doesn't want her to remember her feelings for Clark. He wants her for himself. Another doctor at the clinic is brainwashing patients to kill people. He's been hired to kill Perry, and programs Lois to be the assassin. Luckily Superman is able to destroy the doctor's device.

19. Oedipus Wrecks (March 24, 1996)
Through hypnosis, Dr. Deter makes Lois believe she is in love with him and convinces her that she has to run off with him to the south of France. But, after being exposed to a brain-numbing device developed by Herkimer Johnson, brother of Bad Brains Johnson (from Don't Tug on Superman's Cape), Lois recovers all her memories, including her love for Clark. View Trailer

20. It's A Small World After All (April 28, 1996)
Lois and Clark attend Lois's high school reunion. One of Lois's former classmates is bitter about the way she was treated in high school and plots revenge. She has developed a shampoo that causes the person who uses it to shrink to Barbie doll size. She has targeted the partners of those who caused her pain and is keeping them in a dollhouse that is guarded by her cat. Clark is her next victim, and after using the shampoo, he begins to shrink. At first he's embarrassed because he "looks like Mighty Mouse", but then he and Lois end up shrinking Annette and freeing everyone else. View Trailer

21. Through A Glass Darkly (May 5, 1996)
There are two strangers in Metropolis, Ching and Sarah (Justine Bateman), and they seem to be testing Superman's abilities. Ching and Sarah determine that Clark is "the one" and then fly away. Ching and Sarah later discuss Clark, revealing their ties to Krypton. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark discuss buying a house, which makes Lois nervous.

22. Big Girls Don't Fly (May 12, 1996)
Ching and Sarah (Zara) tell Clark that they are from Krypton and that a group of Kryptonians was able to escape from Krypton before the planet was destroyed. This group of people is now living on another planet called New Krypton. They also tell Clark that he and Zara were married at birth and that if he doesn't come back to New Krypton with them and fulfill his role as leader of New Krypton, Zara will be forced to marry evil Lord Nor, who will take over the throne and cause a civil war. Lord Nor sends Tez (Roger Daltry), a shape-shifting assassin, to kill Superman. After defeating Tez, Clark and Lois decide that Clark must go to New Krypton.
Lois & Clark presents a more upbeat world than the one depicted in Superman Returns. In Bryan Singer's big screen version, Clark loses the girl before the credits even begin. In the third season premiere of the ABC series, however, Clark (Dean Cain) proposes to Lois (Teri Hatcher). Before answering, she wants to know, "Who's asking, Clark or Superman?" So, now he knows she knows (yet another difference). In either case, the answer is no...for now. In this episode, Bill Church (Peter Boyle) also informs Bill Jr. (Bruce Campbell) that now he’ll be working for good rather than bad--which leaves Superman with little to do. That situation won't last long as the Churchs will soon be tossed in the clink and a new boss will take over Intergang. The Brylcreemed one is back in the business of saving Metropolis from the baddies. Meanwhile, a psychic named Star (Olivia Brown) moves in next door to Lois (and seems designed to add some rather dubious comic relief). Other episode highlights include "Ultra Woman," in which Shelley Long and Mary Gross transfer Clark's powers to Lois, and "Don't Tug on Superman's Cape," which spoofs I Love Lucy, Dragnet, and James Bond--with Hatcher (Tomorrow Never Dies) as "Miss Goodbottom."

Other points of interest: Both Cain and Hatcher penned episodes ("Virtually Destroyed" and "It's a Small World After All"), the title sequence changes in the third episode ("Contact") to reflect Hatcher's new hairstyle, and guest stars include future crime scene investigators Gary Dourdan ("Never on Sunday") and Emily Proctor ("Tempus, Anyone?"). Most importantly, Lois finally gets back to Clark about that little question, setting the scene for next season's super-nuptials. Extras include a sneak peek at the Singer-produced doc, Look, Up in the Sky!, which explores all incarnations of the Man of Steel. -- Kathleen C. Fennessy

Product Description
This exciting, action-packed update of the DC Comics Superman captures the daring exploits of the mysterious visitor from another planet and brings the city of Metropolis to life. Originally aired in the 90's, this humorously romantic action/adventure hour-long series puts a modern twist on the time-honored, legendary superhero. Bringing to life the comic book characters Clark Kent (Dean Cain), his superhuman alter-ego, Superman and Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher), this hit 90?s TV series tells the tale of one of the most unrequited romances of all time.

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