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Superman books that reveal amazing secrets about the comic book industry, history, and facts plus good old fashioned graphic novels of Superman in action.


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Superman The High-flying History Of Americas Most Enduring Hero

The book is a fascinating look at Superman's creative history. Find out what stories and characters inspired Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster from the Biblical story of Samson to the very popular character of the their time Doc Savage.

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Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1, June 1938. By the time the United States had entered World War II, Superman had inspired a boom in the comic book industry and had engendered the new genre of the "superheroes".  In 1939, Superman's adventures were seen in newspaper strips, although they were often reprints of what was already appearing in the comics. Also, The Adventures of Superman radio program was broadcast to the nation with millions of listeners. And while Captain Marvel beat him to live action cinema in The Adventures of Captain Marvel (in a serial originally intended for Superman), a series of lavishly budgeted animated cartoons produced by Max Fleischer hit theaters.

Throughout the late 1940s and the duration of the 1950s, Superman was by far the most popular character in comics.

In his earliest adventures, Superman is depicted as being grim, strong-willed, and not afraid to take the life of an evildoer. These include examples of beating a robber to death after the thief tries to shoot him. Like the Batman of that era, he prompted a small controversy over comic characters killing. While Batman was toned down in terms of violence, Superman imposed a moral code that he would never take a life of any adversary he faced. During World War Two, Superman was used as a figure of hope for readers in America and soldiers. This was evident in many of the Superman Fleischer Studios animated shorts of the era, in which Superman is helping the Allies win the war and often shown at odds with Japanese spies and German espionage agents.

The first Superboy story appeared in More Fun Comics #101 (February 1945) but the locale is still not clearly specified though it appears to be a Metropolis neighborhood, and the Kents still do not have names. Superboy is not established as a Smallville resident until Superboy (Vol. 1) #2 (May 1949) and his parents' names, Jonathan and Martha Kent, are not mentioned until Superboy (Vol. 1) #12 in January 1951, twelve years after his debut in Action Comics #1. Other developments in the Superman mythos appear as a result of appearances in other media, including radio and newspaper strips. The Daily Star becomes the Daily Planet possibly because newspapers called The Daily Star already existed and Perry White replaces original editor George Taylor in the first episode of the radio serial; a young office boy named Jimmy Olsen joins the cast soon afterward.

In 2011, DC Comics announced that it would reboot the continuity of most of its publications, and restart them with new #1 issues, beginning in September of that year. Changes to Superman's history include making him once again a single man and the deaths of Jonathan and Martha, which occurred years prior. Superman had been married to  Lois Lane for years now.

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