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Lois Lane Actress Passes Away at 95
by Tim
Kal Reeves
14 Jul 2016 06:36
Jack Larson Dies Jimmy Olsen from Adventures of Superman
by Kal Reeves
21 Sep 2015 21:48
Superman and the Secret Planet a What If Movie with George Reeves
by Tim
28 Feb 2014 17:16
This is an example of why we love our superhero actors/actresses.
by Kal Reeves
20 Aug 2012 14:20
Happy Birthday Anniversary to George Reeves!
by Kal Reeves
26 May 2012 07:59
Superman and the American Way Explore why Superman and the American way are inseparable. Certainly impossible to forget the narration at the beginning of the Adventures of Superman about truth, justice, and the American way.
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Hollywoodland the Death of George Reeves by Ben Burgraff

Miramax is releasing "Hollywoodland"; the film actually got a lot of attention back when the film's title was "Truth, Justice and the American Way" (which Warner nixed), when photo captures of Kyle MacLachlan's screen test for Reeves appeared on the 'Net. more

From Man of Steel to Last Son of Krypton, an Overview of Superman Portrayals  by Ben Burgraff

Hollywood, Television, and 1950s Typecasting
How did it effect the biggest stars of the 1950's, George Reeves and Clayton Moore ,otherwise known to the world as Superman and the Lone Ranger? by Ben Burgraff

Superman Posters
Found some rare Superman posters including George Reeves, Kirk Alyn, and Christopher Reeves original and reprint posters. Some of these posters I personally haven't saw anywhere else for sale. I put these posters and links for where to purchase them here on the new classic Superman posters page.

Adventures of Superman Episodes - episodes listed with short description and original air dates

Also check this site out for George Reeves photos

The Professor from Gilligan's Island vs Superman

Superman meets Lucille Ball

Read the history of the show's creation and run through the Fifties

Chuck Connor's (the Rifleman, Branded)  fans Read about the episode "Flight to the North" where Chuck played Superman!

Hugh Beaumont ( Ward Cleaver)  ex-con on the Adventures of Superman

George Reeves posters and photos for sale


First Season DVD Set
Episodes include: "Superman on Earth," "The Haunted Lighthouse," "The Case of the Talkative Dummy," "The Mystery of the Broke Statues," "The Monkey Mystery" and "A Night of Terror." "The Birthday Letter," "The Mind Machine," "Rescue," "The Secret of Superman," "No Holds Barred" and "The Deserted Village." "The Stolen Costume," "Treasure of the Incas," "Double Trouble," "Mystery in Wax," "The Runaway Robot" and "Drums of Death." "The Evil Three," "Riddle of the Chinese Jade," "The Human Bomb," "Czar of the Underworld," "The Ghost Wolf" and "Crime Wave."
"Unknown People, Part 1" and "Unknown People, Part 2." What's really cool is you also get the original movie presentation of "Superman and the Mole Men" plus an early 1940 western starring George Reeves called the "Pony Express".
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