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*extra What if Superman was on Leave it to Beaver Wallpaper
by Ben Burgraff

Hugh Beaumont alias Ward Cleaver to most of Americans actually played an ex-con on an the Adventures of Superman episode entitled "The Big Squeeze" . I know what your thinking. Say it ain't so... Ward Cleaver an ex-con.

Hugh Beaumont plays Dan Grayson an ex-con with a family, his wife Peg Grayson and  his son Tim Grayson. Ward, I mean Dan  becomes a candidate for the Daily Planet's Citizen of the Year Award.
Unfortunately Dan has a past. Fifteen yrs ago he was a convict. 

Dan( Hugh Beaumont)  gets blackmailed by an old acquaintance, Luke , to steal furs from Dan's Boss. Kent finds out Dan was in jail from his son Tim. Kent confronts him, and comes up with a plan to stop Luke( the bad guy). Dan goes along with Luke, but Dan gets the blame before Superman can catch the crook. Dan loses his Job. Frustrated that no one will believe an ex-con Dan goes after Luke on his own and gets captured. Luke takes him to a lead lined  cave.

 Luke starts to get nervous, so he cracks some walnuts. This bad habit enables Superman  to pinpoint the exact location of the lead lined cave. Superman breaks through the cave wall and captures the crooks with help from Dan. 

All is Well once again in Metropolis thanks to Superman and Ward Cleaver, I mean Dan Grayson. 

Even as a ex-con Hugh Beaumont played the perfect father figure in this classic 50's episode of Superman. The episode  ends with Dan receiving  the Citizen of the Year Award on Television. Clark Kent hands him the award and reminds the audience that men like Dan only want a chance to raise their children, and make their community a better place to live in. The last statement of the show is Dan saying " I'll be right home Tim". 

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