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Incredible Hulk VS
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This one has Superman teamed up with the Silver Surfer, 2 stories of the Batman and the Punisher, and one great eleworlds story of the Batman and Captain America in World War 2 by John Byrne.

Superman vs the Incredible Hulk Fan Comic by Julien Car

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Superman Articles  

Incredible Hulk vs Superman 1999 classic!!!! 

DC versus Marvel # 4 1996, Superman defeats the Hulk as voted by the

Superman/Spiderman #2 1981 "Heroes and the Holocaust" Doctor Doom
lures the Hulk to Metropolis to free the Parasite.

Incredible Hulk VS
 Superman Pics and Wallpaper

This section has lots of Hulk vs Superman pics both from the original comics and some that are made up by the webmaster or other Hulk and Superman fans.
Movie Hulk VS Movie Superman

sent in by Mike from St. Augustine, Florida.

Hulk vs Superman click for larger image

1st Superman vs Hulk story

Hulk Comic Book Covers -from 1962 to the present in wallpaper size.

Hulk VS Superman Books on sale

Dc Versus Marvel Comics and see the battles fans demanded including The Hulk vs Superman

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this one includes Superman and Spiderman, the Hulk vs Batman, and the X-men and the New Teen Titans. This contains the first ever encounter between Superman and the Hulk

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this collection contains Superman/Hulk, Spider-Man/Batman, Daredevil/Batman, Gen13/Spider-Man, GenX/Gen13, and Team X/Team 7