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Superman vs the Incredible Hulk
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Incredible Hulk VS Superman
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As 1996 rolled around, Marvel Comics and DC decided to have a showdown. Taking some of their popular heroes and having the fans vote, who would be the better. Examples: Who was faster? Quicksilver or the Flash? Who could swim better? Sub Mariner or Aquaman? Get the message! And the Big Showdown:

Who was stronger: Superman or the Hulk?

The series was very exciting and had it's very good points and it had it's drawbacks! For a GREAT showdown for the ages, the battles and the series it's self seemed too RUSHED. Instead of a four part series, why not a six or perhaps an eight part adventure? After all, the battles were going to produce the outcome for a winner and a looser? And Marvel and DC were hyping this up to being the Battle of the Ages.

 But unlike the Crisis on Infinite Earths or The Heroes War  the two companies mega maxi series that redefined everything a decade earlier, why with all the talent behind this series, did it seem really indefinable and  rushed?

 The best three promotions the series did produce was the fan participation in voting for the out come of each battle. Yes, I voted for more DC than I did Marvel, but it was really fun to take part of the battles' outcomes. Next, was the creating the ALMAGAM UNIVERSE . All the possible outcomes had  DC and Marvel really merged. My favorite over all character was Doctor Dooms Day with the mad genius of Doctor Victor Von Doom and the mad brutish destructive fury of Doomsday, this character would be more than a match for any super-hero team even, the Hulk and Superman if a sequel from 1999's clash ever comes about again! (Incredible Hulk vs Superman).

Finally the Battle: Yes it was brutal and it was fierce, but with a few more pages of battle, most fans would like to see more shattered mountains, Hulk-made earthquakes, more battered buildings coming down on our two heroes. (It gives the taste of a real battle!) But the writer's chose to keep the battle in a secluded area. Most noble! Anyhow, the all time Superman vs the Hulk series stands at 1-0-2 in favor of Superman! Does anyone want another showdown? Write and Let know.

Article and  the first top picture presented to from Mike in St. Augustine Florida

Superman's greatest battles and teamups wallpaper
Incredible Hulk VS  Superman Pics

Superman/Spiderman #2 1981 "Heroes and the Holocaust" Doctor Doom lures the Hulk to Metropolis to free the Parasite.

Dc Versus Marvel Comics and see the battles fans demanded including The Hulk vs Superman

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