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 Superman What Ifs Superman in strange and different teamups and what if movies like Superman on the Planet of the Apes.

Superman What Ifs Superman in strange and different teamups and what if movies like Superman on the Planet of the Apes.


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Superman vs Spider-man
Article and pictures presented  to from Mike in St. Augustine Florida

With the very end of 1975, the talk to end that year was the Country had just pulled out of Vietnam, and the World Series had been the most exciting in recent times with Cincinnati defeating Boston in a seven game thriller with an estimated seventy million viewers, the most watched television event at that time. But as 1975 came to a close, a comic book milestone was just around the corner. DC and Marvel Comics teamed up for a tabloid sized comic magazine of "The Wizard of Oz" . It was the first time that these two mega comic giants had ever teamed for such an event. But, the very best was yet to come in 1976!!
 1976 opened with it being a bicentinal year and that America would be celebrating 200 years of independence. The country later on in 1976 would elect a new president and that NASA would place a probe on Mars and we'd really would actually see the real surface of  Mars.
 But making history in a small but historical big way, would be the greatest super-hero team up of the 20th Century, (and that is no BS!!) Both head honchos at DC and Marvel Comics Carmine Infantino (DC) and Stan Lee (Marvel) came up with the idea that both comic mega giants would agree to a team up of their top super-heroes. The title would be SUPERMAN vs. The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN   and it would be 96 pages of the greatest super-hero action of the comic era.

 The writer would be Gerry Conway, Ross Andru the artist with Dick Giordano the inkier. A lot more talent went into the comic milestone, but these talented individuals were the driving force. The asking price was at that time was $2.00 (only available at first by mail, plus 50 cents shipping) but it was the best $2.00 I ever invested.
 The story opens with Superman taking on arch foe Lex Luthor in Metropolis, then the scene switches to New York with Spider-man taking on arch foe Doctor Octopus. Both heroes defeat their villainous foes and Luthor and Octopus are placed in a high secure prison  where they meet. They escape and a new super-villian team is formed and history begins!!
 Meantime, as Clark Kent and Peter Parker, both our heroes in their every day civilian lives must deal with their bosses (Morgan Edge for Kent, Jonah Jay Jameson for Parker) and the women in their lives, both Lois Lane and Mary Jane. But in New York, an event being put on by NASA with the launch of communications satellite, Luthor disguised as Superman kidnaps Lois and Mary Jane. Peter Parker runs into hiding to become Spider-man. And as history would have it: both Superman and Spider-man meet in the skies above New York with each other accusing the other of kidnapping the women.
 Luthor and Octopus witness the confrontation from a nearby building unnoticed. Luther uses a red sun radiation device of his making on Spider-man and with a weaken Superman trying to logically begin discussing to Spider-man that they may have both been tricked, Spider-man unloads a punch that kayos Superman and the battle begins!!
 After being knocked around for a few panels, Superman really looses his cool! With telling Spider-man to unload his best punch, Superman unloads a punch towards Spider-man that would shatter a mountain. Realizing this: Superman holds back the punch with all effort and the vibrations send Spider-man halfway across the city.

With the red sun radiation wearing off, an angry Spider-man begins battering away onto a nearly unmovable standing Superman who at this point is still trying to reason with a hot headed Spider-man. But as the story goes, both heroes find their heads: cool off and begin a well historical team up!!

 I don't want to give away the entire plot for those who've never read this well written land mark story. The story has been reprinted in the CROSSOVER CLASSICS: the Marvel/DC Collection  and is still available at comic specialty shops across the Internet.

Buy Crossover Classics

For those who have never read this comic classic it is a milestone well worth the time and investment. As time would have it: it would be five years later (1981) before a sequel would come out with Supes and Spidey. And this one would be filled with many surprises and guest confrontations!!!!

Article and pictures presented to from Mike in St. Augustine Florida

Time-Rider #12 Deadlaw vs Time-Rider

Cover is of course a tribute to the Superman vs Spider-man team-up.

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Superman & Batman : Generations : An Imaginary Tale

by John Byrne (Illustrator)

atom man
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Atom Man VS Superman
Kirk Alyn Superman movie Barry Allen and Supergirl.

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This one has Superman teamed up with the Silver Surfer, 2 stories of the Batman and the Punisher, and one great eleworlds story of the Batman and Captain America in World War 2 by John Byrne.

Buy Crisis on Infinite Earths

by Marv Wolfman, George Perez
One of the greatest DC mini series of all time, this series got rid of all the alternate universes that DC had created to explain the existence of the original 1940's super heroes the Earth 2 Justice Society. This series also featured the deaths of the Fla

Dc Versus Marvel Comics and see the battles fans demanded including The Hulk vs Superman

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this one includes Superman and Spiderman, the Hulk vs Batman, and the X-men and the New Teen Titans.