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Superman and Spiderman 1981
Superman Fights the Hulk for the First Time

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Superman and Spiderman
superman and spiderman
Article and pictures presented  to from Mike in St. Augustine Florida

As the summer of 1981 came rolling around, the long awaited sequel to 1976's Superman vs the Amazing Spider-man finally arrived in comic speciality shops. With a hopping price of $2.50, the book was presented in tabloid size and from front cover to back cover, this sequel was all that and much, MORE.

 The title was "The Heroes and the Holocaust!" . The return of Superman and Spider-man confronting a much superior villainous team up than in the first story. The ever murderous world conquering mad-genious Doctor Victor Von Doom and the Power mad Parasite. WOW!!!!  Doctor Doom and Superman!!!! But that wasn't the big confrontation!

At this time, there were two other popular heroes making it big on CBS with the TV ratings, and because this was going on, DC and Marvel agreed to a BIG cameo appearances by the Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman.

 WOW!!!! Again! Superman would really be clashing with the HULK!

This really was the comic event of the 1980's. Later on in 1981, DC and Marvel would come out with another cross-over featuring the Hulk and Batman.

Out of the entire cross overs DC and Marvel had ever had, this was the worst and the biggest disappointment. Why not a cross over between Wonder Woman and the Hulk??? Yes, after all they were both on television and even TV Guide wrote an article featuring the two in early 1982. So why not a real meeting?? That became the debate for most of the the year.

 Another very well written cross over came in mid 1982 between the X-Men and the NEW Teen Titans and that would end the cross- overs between the two mega comic giants.

 In 1983, the greatest cross-over would have come with a team up of the Justice League of America and the Avengers with even super-artist George Perez having inked twenty eight pages of action until the big drop off!

 In 1990, after a much needed cooling off period, DC and Marvel started talking cross-over team ups again. And with the publication of all the early Marvel-DC cross overs in Cross Over Classics/Marvel DC Collection it's safe to say it would be a crime on my behalf to give away the plot in the second Superman/Spider-man story. It is nice however that DC & Marvel have put away past differences and have offered these cross-over classics. It is a true dream come true to younger readers knowing even with all the radical changes that have come to some of these comic heroes, that even in the Silver Age of Heroes for a brief time, that before Crisis on Infinite Earths and The Heroes War that there was that small part of the universe where CROSS-OVERS were a reality for a brief time!!

Article presented to from Mike in St. Augustine Florida

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