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Here's some interesting Superman facts from Mike in Florida. Mike writes about some of Superman's greatest battles starting with a battle between Superman, Godzilla, and King Kong in the seventies.

Superman's Greatest Battles

Over the years, my favorite Superman Battles have become some of the

11.  Superman/Aliens #2 God Wars

10. Superman vs Godzilla and King Kong
9.Superman battles the Shaggyman Justice League #104 1972 (first series)

8. Superman vs. Shazam Limited Collection Edition 1978 (2nd meeting:
Justice League of America #137
first ever meeting between Captain Marvel and Supes)

7. Superman vs the Amazing Spiderman (1976)

6. Superman vs Superboy (Action Comics #591) John Byrnes'
attempt to end the controversy he created when Superman never had been
Superboy and thus he was never a true member of the Legion of Superheroes
in the 30th Century. So the Legion Villain called the Time Trapper
created a pocket universe to which the Legion and Superboy traveled back
and fourth until the Trapper got bored.)

5. Superman/Spiderman #2 1981 "Heroes and the Holocaust" Doctor Doom
lures the Hulk to Metropolis to free the Parasite.

4. DC versus Marvel # 4 1996, Superman defeats the Hulk as voted by the

3. Superman vs Aliens 1996

2. Superman vs Doomsday "The Death of Superman" 1992

1. Incredible Hulk vs Superman 1999 classic!!!! 

John Byrne writer, Neal Adams and George Perez artists, and Alex Ross
Painted cover and Terry Austin the inker. The villains being Darkseid and
Dark Phoenix and a cameo roles by the X-men and Doom Patrol.

This just recently discovered photograph clearly shows Superman was the fifth Beatle.

Superman and Seinfeld
Amazing Teamup of Super Talents!