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Buy the Incredible Hulk Vs Superman
by Roger Stern from Amazon

Roger Stern and Steve Rude combined in 1999 and created a classic in the making. With all the feeling of a Stan Lee written story and the art of Jack Kirby, the first real Superman vs the Hulk was now every comic fans reality dream come true. Unlike the very "first" battle in Superman and Spider-man in 1981 and DC vs Marvel Comics in 1996, this was a story with just the Hulk and Superman! Superman and Lois think back to the day they first encountered the Hulk:

 Superman really has his hands full when he goes west to investigate mysterious earth tremors that show up on seismic equipment. It turns out to be the Hulk. After a brief encounter, with the Hulk coming out on top, Superman realizes he overestimated and underestimated the green behemoth.

 As the story continues, Lois Lane and Clark Kent get assigned news stories out west that tie into Bruce Banner and the Hulk. With Lex Corp. doing research and contract work for the Army, Lex Luthor tries to find a scheme to try to gain control of Bruce Banner and the Hulk and use them to try and destroy Superman!

 And with that plot, the second encounter between Superman and the Hulk takes place. Superman really lashes out at the Hulk and does do a job on the green gargoyle. But as the story plot thickens, Lex Luthor does use a deadly gamera ray gun on the two fighting  titans. The weapon is overloading  when Luthor sets the gamma weapon on full blast and threatens to kill and destroy everything within a 500 mile radius. With an unlikely team work, Superman hurtles the Hulk towards the gamma gun and the Hulk destroys the weapon and  saves the day! As always, Luthor worms his way out of the long arms of the law. After refraining back to the present, Superman and Lois feel real sadness for Bruce Banner for it revealed that he in reality is the Hulk and he has to carry the raging beast within him for all time.

 That leaves the door open to a sequel.  It is now been three years since the earth shaking first story. When it comes to sequels, the comic industry doesn't seem to be in any big hurry to quench the publics' thirst for cross-over action. Take for example 1996's Superman/Aliens, here it is six years later and now DC and Dark Horse have come out with Superman/Aliens II: Godwars (As picked as my #1 all time Superman battle/team ups) they started this event in early May, with issue #1 and issue #2 did not come out until August 6th with issue #3 due for September 4th, but now it hasn't been released yet. What's the Delay? Issue #4 is due out November 6th, by the time DC and Dark Horse get through with this cross-over of Superman/Aliens, another six years will have gone by. So get with it guys! Lets not have to wait a life-time for another cross-over with Superman and the Hulk! It all ready took my entire life to see this classic Clash Made possible!(1961)

Dc Versus Marvel Comics and see the battles fans demanded including The Hulk vs Superman

Buy Crossover Classics

this one includes Superman and Spiderman, the Hulk vs Batman, and the X-men and the New Teen Titans.

Buy Dc/Marvel Crossover Classics II

This one has Superman teamed up with the Silver Surfer, 2 stories of the Batman and the Punisher, and one great eleworlds story of the Batman and Captain America in World War 2 by John Byrne.


Time-Rider #12 Deadlaw vs Time-Rider