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Dc Versus Marvel Comics and see the battles fans demanded including The Hulk vs Superman


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Welcome to What If Cartoon Elseworlds of Superman.

Click on the pic for a larger version most are wallpaper size

Popeye_vs_Superman.jpg (115381 bytes)
Popeye vs Superman
by Ben Burgraff

Superman and Roger Rabbit
by Tyler Bingham

WF vs Casper the Friendly Ghost

by Tyler Bingham

Can Superman help Garfield find his lasagna?

by Tyler Bingham

Superman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

by Tyler Bingham

Power Rangers

by Tyler Bingham

Elmer Fudd gains Superman's powers!
Superman & Bugs Bunny wallpaper

Bugs Bunny and the gang did actually meet Superman and the JLA in the 2000 comic mini series Superman & Bugs Bunny. Believe it or not!

What if the Looney Tunes met Superman and Batman on a live action movie.

by Tyler Bingham

My power is greater than your power.. Superman!  No my power is even greater! NO my power is greater...
Dragonball Z and Superman
by Tyler Bingham

sonic.jpg (57967 bytes)
Superman and Sonic the Hedgehog

That's the way we became the Super Friends!
Superman a Brady Kid
sent in by Mike

A startling new discovery could it be that Superman was in fact a Brady Kid! Believe it....or... not!
All right who writes this crap!

Superman & Scooby

Movie Posters and Movie News
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Superman and SpongeBob?

We would like to thank Chris for this pic

There's a Scooby Doo Batman movie why not Scooby meets Superman.

Super Friends vs the Three Stooges

Superman and Bugs Bunny