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Dc Versus Marvel Comics and see the battles fans demanded including The Hulk vs Superman

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Welcome to What If Tv Elseworlds of Superman pages 1 2 Click on the pic for a larger version. 
Check out A Make Believe Casting Story of Early Superman
Some pics have a secret message you must mouse over to see!

AC_meet_Superman.jpg (223468 bytes)
Abbott & Costello Meet Superman

by Ben Burgraff

Pa Kent (John Schneider) got jealous and decided to fly his own way.
The Dukes of Hazzard are at it again! This time they got the General Lee flying so high they almost hit Superman while he was on patrol. 

supes_vs_charmed.jpg (183773 bytes)
Superman vs Charmed

by Ben Burgraff

Superman vs the A-team

by Ben Burgraff

SupesvsBundys.jpg (111096 bytes)
Superman vs  Married with Children
by Ben Burgraff

What if Superman met Gilligan
by Ben Burgraff 

robot_B9_Superman.jpg (89097 bytes)
Superman in Space with the Robot and the Star Ship Enterprise by Michael Cross from St. Augustine, Florida

 partridge_family.jpg (50903 bytes)
More Superman & the Partridge Family
Picture by Michael Cross

Superman joins Partridge Family.
Superman get's recording contract with the Partridge Family. Believe it or not!
Picture by Michael Cross

Shocking new photo shows the truth behind Superman on Green Acres!
Superman on Green Acres
Shocking photo discovered by Thomas N.

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